Are you prepared for the big one?

Introducing QuakeStopper® Patented Smart Valve System for Earthquake-ready Homes

Automatically protect property from secondary rupture.

Is my home or business protected?

Be sure that you have a plan in place for earthquakes. These events can rupture gas and water lines, putting more life and property at risk than otherwise necessary. QuakeStopper is an automatic valve-stop system that prevents secondary ruptures.

Use and Improve the Notification AI

Your QuakeStopper devices benefit from and contribute to a seismological data science community composed of the United States Geological Survey, and their assorted university partners, as well as other users of earthquake detection apps and hardware which implement the protocol.

Modular & Resilient Design

You can install as many Sensors and Valves as needed. Your licensed plumber should be equipped with all the knowledge necessary to advise on proper installation of QuakeStopper certified devices.

should I get quakestopper?

If you are in an earthquake prone area such as California, you must be prepared to close your gas valve to prevent subsequent fires that may occur. We think this should be fully automated and so we invented the QuakeStopper. In the process we discovered the best ways to analyze and recognize seismic activity early with the help of friends to improve our detection systems. So if you are interested in automating this task and contributing to seismology, you should get QuakeStopper.

How to get QuakeStopper

Install Certified Products

We are documenting reference design for the eventual use by top brands you already know and trust.

Live in a True Smart Home

CC Corp is a home-building company owned by a dear friend of the QuakeStopper founders, with whom products have been developed and made available. It's one of our goals that all homes, including designs for future grants similar to the Federal Government Award for Rapid Response Construction, include integrated QuakeStopper technology. This way, we expedite the development of official standards to include valves that respond appropriately to seismic activity, protecting occupants.

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QuakeStopper technology is in active development. Through the US Patent system we continue to refine the latest research leading to 3 allowed patents, and 6 upcoming provisional applications. We are now securing funding and strong roots to allow QuakeStopper seismic-defense values to be defined for homes and businesses of the future through technology transfer. To learn more please join our mailing list: